Sunshine, sea breeze, cool dips in the ocean and lazy afternoons spent under the shade of a tree. What's not to love? We all enjoy the beautiful planet we share, and that's why we need to protect it!

Here at SUNNYLiFE we are changing the way we think about the planet, home to our beloved oceans and beaches. This season we are launching our first biodegradable product. The Fiesta Mariposa Recycled Bio Pool is made from biodegradable PVC, a unique material which is designed to breakdown within 2-3 years and is recyclable at a commercial level. With a soft feel and high durability, biodegradable PVC is an all round win for your family and the planet!

As part of SUNNYLiFE's recent artist collaboration, The Pool also features original artwork from Sydney based creative Daimon Downey. You shouldn't have to sacrifice the environment to enjoy the season's hottest trends - The Fiesta Mariposa Recycled Bio Pool is the perfect eco-friendly way to achieve your ultimate summer style!

How do we Recycle at SUNNYLiFE?

SUNNYLiFE have teamed up with Ploys Design to make the recycling of your SUNNYLiFE products easier than ever! Ploys Design up-cycle and re-purpose soft PVC material into ecologically sustainable products to be reused again and again.

For more info head here to find out what difference your recycling habits could make! And for assistance with recycling your SUNNYLiFE products through Ploys, reach out to our customer service team who are happy to help!

There are also simple ways to reuse PVC products which make them a more ecologically sustainable option. SUNNYLiFE products are made to be durable, so you can repair them if they get small punctures. In fact, each PVC product comes with a repair patch free of charge!

You can also regift or donate products that you aren't using anymore. Instead of throwing something useable away, pass it on to a family member or friend, or even drop it off to a local charity store!

More so than ever it has become essential to choose eco friendly products when possible. With the Fiesta Mariposa Recycled Bio Pool you can make the planet smile, one backyard pool session at a time!

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