The Sunnylife of @caffeineandcacti

The Sunnylife of @CAFFEINEandCACTI

We've been low key obsessed with Gemma from @caffeineandcacti for years now, i mean do you blame us? Gemma's Instagram account is filled with beautiful content of her Scandinavian and Bohemian inspired interiors with a touch of pink and lots of plants (55 to be exact). It's all so gorgeous we had to interview her.

Check out a couple of our fave spots in Gemma's home. That Chandelier....

Hey Gemma! Thanks so much for letting us peek into your life. Can you tell us a little about yourself and one surprising fact?

Hi Sunnylife! Sure, I'm a 35 year old veterinary nurse living in southern UK in my 3 bed house with my husband and our cheeky rescue dog, Byron! I love Asian food, iced coffee, thrifting, travelling to new places and spending time in the sun! (I can't think of a surprising fact, only lame ones)

Who inspires you in the interior design world?

Oooh this is a good question! It's actually all the interior home accounts on Instagram that inspires me the most. It's like stepping into their homes through their pictures. I especially love seeing how people bring different styles together to create something unique of their own.

Is there a dream piece that you've always wanted for your home?

There is several pieces to be honest. But one thing that's been on my long term wish list is an ornate rattan bed with a large detailed headboard. They're just stunning!

Any tips for people looking to finesse their home décor?

I'd say to accessorise with all the plants. They bring colour, texture and life to a home! I have 55 plant babies (and counting), it's a full time job looking after them all. Also customise your furniture by upcycling them your own style!

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