We’ll be honest, we get WAY too excited when we see one of our fave celebs frolicking on our floats. They certainly know how to do summer properly and there’s nothing we love seeing more than Sunnylovers having a flocking amazing time. Check out these insta posts for inspo on how to REALLY do summer.

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Our All-Time, Mariah Carey/Mimi/MC treated #DemBabies with a lush 6th birthday party and we’re totally jel. They had giant teddies, cakes galore and, most importantly, our O.G Luxe Float Flamingo and Luxe Float Swan to play on with their mates.

Whilst we can’t see cocktail frankfurts or fairy bread in any of the pictures, we’re positive that they must have been featured, otherwise was it even really a party? Regardless, Moroccan and Monroe looked like they had the time of their lives, and that’s what’s important, right? That and good insta pics.

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Pine-ing for Mindy’s Pineapple? Yearning to Float on a Flamingo? Find ‘em Here

From a music queen to a comedy queen, our best friend* and favourite person in the world, Mindy Kaling, had an cracker of a pool day with her buds. She rocked out with her sun protection out, on our Luxe Lie-On Float Pineapple and totally nailed that effortless repose that the supermodels are so good at.

One of her besties (other than us obvy), Chris Schleicher (writer for The Mindy Project), absolutely crushed it with his pink on pink on pink look** whilst werking it, werrrrking itttt *finger snaps* on the Luxe Float Flamingo.

Our invite was probably lost in the mail.

*In our minds.
**Side note: we think his cap is a “I don’t know her” cap which is a fabulous reference to the first Sunnylover on this list and proof that Sunnylovers stick together.

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Want to look on fleek like Ky? Get your Banana Palm Chair here

inflatable chair banana palm sunnylife sunnylovers


AUD $79.95

Kylie, Kylie, Kylie, Kylie…. How is it possible she’s getting hotter every single day?

This ABSOLUTE BABETOWN looks so damn lush on our Inflatable Chair Banana Palm. We assume there’s gorgeous scantily clad men with 12 packs fanning her with actual banana palms juuust out of the picture but Kylie Jenner isn’t one to brag.

This is one of those pics that you can easily replicate at home and you too can get almost three million likes. We’re pretty sure we just saw those sunnies at the local supermarket. Hang on a tic while we go grab them…

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Float like a supermodel (and Gold Medal Olympian). Take Rosie home here

pink flamingo gold float sunnylife sunnylovers


AUD $99.95

Annnnd finally, the incredible Bella Hadid and the absolutely gorgeous powerhouse Lindsay Vonn on our fave Rosie girl, the Luxe Float Flamingo Rose Gold. Show me a more iconic trio!

Now look, we’ve had plenty of practice on the flamingo floats but we’ve never looked as fabulously elegant and effortless as our boo, Bella. We’re pretty sure that’s extremely unfair. Maybe it has something to do with the packet of party pies we ate for dinner last night? No one will ever know.

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