IN THE PRESS: Pedestrian.TV

Our fave news source came up with a totally rad list of all of their favourite floats. Click here to read or just scroll down to check it out yourself... 
Let’s start with this relaxing HUMAN SIZED RAINBOW. Imagine flopping down on this guy and anchoring yourself to the shady spot in the pool by leaning your foot on the pool edge.
You absolutely cannot be sad when you have a huge inflatable pineapple by your side. You may go blind from brightness, though.
Yes, the swan inflatable has been around forever and you might even own one. But has yours got this delicious PEARL SHEEN? No it hasn’t. This one is better and you need a second.
You know what? Some days you don’t want to lie on a bed of inflated rubber. Sometimes you want a beanbag that also floats in your pool.
Mix up your pool time by sleeping on this guy, yet also taking out any pent up rage by banging your mates on the head with its nose til they push you off.
You’ve got the unicorn, the swan… now you need the ducky. It is only right to have the full menagerie.
Mmmmm, large round bed that floats on water.
Someone is bound to push you off this one but for at least 5 minutes you’ll get some peace.
We’re calling it – this will be the unicorn floatie of 2017.

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