We’re proud to announce our inaugural artistic collaboration with Australian-based and New Zealand born creative Poppie Pack and introduce a new product to our ever growing range: jigsaw puzzles.

We partnered with Poppie Pack to spritz some eternal sunshine onto our first ever range of jigsaw puzzles. The photographer and designer selected seminal images she has taken of Australian coastlines populated by summer revellers.

Each puzzle imbues a nostalgic, feel-good vibe with iconic seascapes in refreshing blue shades to piece together. Best of all, every box lid features an image of the puzzle enclosed, making each a collectable work of art to display. Poppie Pack’s images of iconic Aussie beaches – pixelated into 500 piece sets – will instantly transport you to golden coastlines.

Pair it with our new flames and fragrances, featuring Poppie Packs summery imagery, and fill your home with the scents of summer.

Dive in, there’s something special for everyone!

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