Introducing Paradise | The Scented Candles

Let Sunnylife bring summer to your senses with our brand-new range of luxe scented candles.

These candles are made from paraffin-free, 100% coconut wax so you can enjoy a cleaner 70-hour burn time. Coconut wax is created by cold-pressing coconuts, making it even more eco-friendly than soy wax.

BYRON BAY: Infuse your space with the essence of the quintessential laidback Australian vibe. This iconic scent has top notes of coconut to bring the beach to you, whilst the amber creates a signature warmth only found Down Under.

Who it’s for: Artists, beach babes & travelers who want to come home.

Where will it take you: On the road through a rainforest to a beach only locals know about.

BORA BORA: A place where perfect days are matched only by the perfect sunsets. Embrace island living in your own home with delicious scents of perfectly ripe passionfruit & a citrus infusion of fresh guava.

Who it’s for: Paradise-seekers, lovers of opulence & the sweet at heart.

Where will it take you: A bungalow over the water enjoying the freshest exotic fruits.

AMALFI: A fusion of dramatic cliffs, shorelines dotted with small beaches and pastel-colored villages brings a distinctive allure not seen anywhere else. Live the Mediterranean lifestyle with scents of ripe grapefruit balanced with a hint of Italian inspired musk.

Who it’s for: Those searching for inspiration, relaxers & peace-lovers.

Where will it take you: Gazing at the Gulf of Salerno from your balcony while sipping Limoncello.

IPANEMA: There’s a rainbow of sights & bossa nova sounds to delight travelers and locals alike. Add some colour to any room with top notes of vanilla and a delicious treat of raspberry.

Who it’s for: Thrill-seekers, party animals & the uber fabulous.

Where will it take you: A spontaneous beach party under the Brazilian sunshine.

TULUM: Its mix of wild mystery & luxurious paradise blends to create the ultimate escape. Make your own escape in any space with these iconic coconut & lime notes.

Who it’s for: Romantics, sun-chasers & margarita-lovers

Where will it take you: A waterfront taco joint at dusk with a cocktail in one hand & your lover’s hand in the other.

ZANZIBAR: A place to look through ancient doors to the past, but also see where to go in the future. Zanzibar is inspiration personified. Create a space of mindfulness with spicy notes, rounded out with the earthy aroma of cedarwood.

Who it’s for: Restless souls, masculine energies & the truly carefree

Where will it take you: Wandering for hours through a maze of streets, losing yourself in history.


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