INTERVIEW: Kassandra Clementi's LA Lifestyle

INTERVIEW: Kassandra Clementi's LA Lifestyle

Kassandra Clementi may be the hottest rising star in LA, but she’s made sure to take a bit of Australia there with her … and that includes her Sunnylife inflatables!

Our new ambassador reveals what she loves most about her Hollywood life.

By Tiffany Dunk

What does your life in LA look like?

It’s so night and day depending on work. You work for a few months and life’s pretty hectic. Waking up you breathe work, going to sleep you breathe work. I love being busy, so I enjoy just churning through, it’s fun. So that’s night. Then day is when you wrap a job and you’re either going back to audition or waiting to shoot the next project and you go, “I don’t know what to do with the 24 hours.” It’s zero to 100.

Do you take advantage of the outdoors in LA during the day?

Yes, I go for a lot of hikes. I’ll text a friend in the morning and say, “What are you doing in an hour? Let’s go for a hike.” There’s the Griffith Observatory which is beautiful, Runyon Canyon obviously where everyone goes, or I’ll drive down to the beach and do the hike from Monica and around Venice Beach, it’s just lovely.

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CA, you're alright.

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Do you do much of the nightlife?

No, not hugely. I’m not a big party girl, I never really have been, it’s not my style. But from what I know it’s good. If I’m going to go out I’d rather be at a house with friends, playing board games or lying on an inflatable in someone’s pool!

Are you big on pool parties?

I had a pool party back while I was on Home and Away and that’s when I first found Sunnylife. They had a pop-up store and I pretty much cleared them out of what they had. In fact, I have a storage unit in Sydney that I only still keep because of how much Sunnylife merchandise I have in it. I have a lot of the inflatables, I have the cups that I was using. And of course, I have the pink flamingo. I’m looking forward to having one at my place when I get back to LA – I’ll hoard a bunch of Sunnylife home with me for it.

What makes for a successful pool party?

Good music. Great pool toys so everyone can sit on them and chat. And great friends. People just sitting there in the water and making each other happy for a few hours. Oh, and maybe there’s a Pina Colada too!

LA is a hectic place. What do you do when you need to just escape?

When I need time out or when the world is feeling a little too much I need nature. It doesn’t matter where in the world I am, if I can go somewhere in the middle of nature where there’s not many people I can remember how small I am and how small my problems are.

LA can be very concrete jungle, so I’ll go to the beach at sunset or I’ll go to Joshua Tree for a bit to escape.

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Garden party crew 10/10

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You’ve been based in LA now for two years. What do you miss most about home?

Obviously, I hugely miss my family and my dog, who is still being babysat by them. I used to stock up on Vegemite and Tim Tams but now you can buy all those things in LA so there’s always a little taste of home. But it’s the landscape of Australia you can’t find anywhere else. Growing up, you take for granted just how beautiful our land is. I’ve been some beautiful places and realised that there really is no place like home. Landing into Australia to shoot the Sunnylife campaign I cried. I did. It hit me really out of nowhere. I thought I’d be fine and swing on in but I didn’t realise how much I missed it, I got quite teary.


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