Meet Kassandra Clementi: 10 Facts About Our Brand-New Ambassador

Posted on 22 October 2018

Come with us as we venture into Tropical North Queensland. But first…say hello to Kassandra Clementi - Summer Bay alumni, unREAL starlet, and your tour guide to paradise. She’ll be discovering all the secret spots with new destinations to be revealed each week...

1. She has always been a total betty.

Seriously though, look at those curls *eye heart emoji*

2. She’s seriously funny…

Like, laugh out loud funny. #byefelipe

3. Her friendship is just the icing on the cake…

This babe said that Kass flew across Australia just because her dog was sick. That’s true love right there.

4. Speaking of besties, check out her perfect 13/10 pupper

Cannot even deal with the adorableness in this photo.

5. She still hangs with her Home & Away castmates

No biggie, just hanging with an Aussie icon… No flamin’ mongrels here.

6. She’ll march for her (and others) rights


7. She’s well into an irreverent inspo post…

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A post shared by Kassandra Clementi (@kassandraclementi) on

I mean, it IS great advice…

8. She had some of the most hilarious lines in season 3 of UnREAL…

If you haven’t already, legit check it out…

9. No words needed…

(A picture’s worth a thousand sperms.)

10. And when all’s said and done, she still calls Australia home….

What a babe.


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