Make a Splash and Plan The Ultimate Mermaid Party

make a splash
plan the ultimate mermaid theme party

It’s o-fish-ial! Mermaids are our newest obsession. In fact, we think this mermaid trend has legs. (So to speak.)

Recently, we were simply elated to help one special birthday girl have the birthday party of her mermaid dreams. We couldn't wait to dive in!

We teamed up with french influencer and super mom, Sophie Sinacori, who was busy planning the perfect party for her lovely daughter, Hilo. Happy to help a fellow mermaid fan, we decked the place out with some of the best products from our Sunnylife Mermaid Collection. And we'd like to think that we helped give Hilo the kind of party that dreams mer-maid of.

Swim along with us and check out the party pics below. We hope to inspire you to throw your very only Sunnylife mermaid themed birthday party.

Make sure that you set the scene with a mer-mazing under-the-sea tablescape. Packed with vibrant colors and inspiration from tropical waters, these mermaid party decorations are sure to make a splash.

You need a flip-worthy center piece for the table. Our Sunnylife Mermaid Neon Light makes the perfect 'lighthouse' for all of your mermaid attendees to gather around. It makes a lovely centerpiece for the table and as an added bonus - it can be both decor and an additional present.

You need a few fin-tastic finishing decor items. Because, as they say, the devil is in the details. I mean, look at how cute those mermaid party hats are. And our Sunnylife Mermaid Visors are perfect for any adult attendees who want to join in the fun and blend in with the mer-crew.

You need a treasure trove of party favors fit for a mermaid. Our Sunnylife See Through Sell Clutch makes the perfect party favor; the little mermaids will surely adore them.

And you cant forget presents for the birthday girl. Our Mermaid Lie-on float is a dream gift.

We think she liked her present.

Looks like a mer-tastic birthday success to us!


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