New Online Exclusive Styles For Summer

Summer of 2023-2024 is all about poolside pleasure, max relaxing and hopping from beach to beach in search of your perfect spot on the sand. It's all "beach hair, don't care", "holiday mode activated" and "I'm here for my daily dose of vitamin sea" and as the CEO's of summer, SUNNYLiFE's online exclusive range promises to redefine your summer, ticking all the needs and wants you didn't know existed.

This seasons online exclusive range features a curated collection of minimalist floats and inflatables and a vibrant array of beach essentials all dipped in this year's hottest colour trends, prints and summer must-haves blending aesthetics and functionality.


Online Exclusive Minimalist Float Range:

Available in our three best selling formats; Pool Ring, Hammock Float and Tube Lilo and in four irresistible stripped prints; pink, blue, green and black. 


Embrace the sweetness of summer with our Candy Pink pool floats and inflatables, ready to make every pool day irresistible, stylish and vibrant. Discover here.


Level up your summer look with our Ocean Blue pool floats and inflatables, set to make each pool day classy, timeless and elegant. Discover here.


Lean into the carefree spirit of summer with our Sage Green pool floats and inflatables, prepared to make every pool day chic, lively and trendy. Discover here.


Elevate your summer style with our Steel Black pool floats and inflatables, equipped to make each pool day sleek, luxe and sophisticated. Discover here.


Online Exclusive Beach Essentials:

Claim your spot on the sand and enjoy a sweet summer's day with our Summer Stripe Beach Cabana, ready to make every beach day berry hot. Discover here.


Recline and unwind with our sun-kissed De Playa Pink Terry Folding Seat, set to make each beach day cool, comfortable and stylish. Discover here.


Lean into long days spend seaside with our Jardin Ocean Lounger Chair, equipped to make every beach day laid-back, relaxed and on-trend. Discover here.


Our online exclusive range won't last long, with these styles set to sell out. Don't miss out, explore the range now and experience the best of Summer 2023-2024 with these styles by your side.