Discover a Unique Paradise in Every Print

Discover Paradise in Every Print!

wE'RE READY TO Escape to paradise, who's with us?

Woven into the color schemes of each our gorgeous prints, is a unique portal to fantasy destination. Are you ready to find paradise?

You can already taste the words in the air, conjuring summer nostalgia and stunning fantasies of beach side paradise. The Pina Colada collection is the essence of summer itself, encapsulating all things fruity, fresh and delicious. The scents, sights, and tastes of summer come together, creating a range that’s flawless and emotive. Bright, geometric prints partner with ripe pineapple and refreshing coconut to create vibes worthy of any summer past and every summer to come.

Escape the ordinary in a lush, balmy tropical oasis that you’ve only seen in your wildest dreams. Voluptuous greens, fascinating birds and exotic flora, let the Monteverde collection wash over your senses, luring you to the hidden shores of jungle paradise. This fresh bohemian print will transport you to a tropical rain forest. Embrace the untamed, and explore the exotic, with an iconic design that creates a luxurious paradise wherever it goes.

Roller-skate back to the 1980s - Malibu, California. Drink in the citric colours, transparent fluorescence and iridescent neons, that personified an iconic age of style excess. The Malibu collection is rich with chic nostalgia for this pop-culture age. Close your eyes and breathe in the sweet and salty air, discovering the luxe, beachy vibes that defined the retro Cali lifestyle. Sip cocktails in lively company as the sun sets into pastel horizons. Excite your senses with intoxicating panoramas, gradient-filled skies & vibrant hues.

Listen to the emotive hum of the music and let the tropical beats carry you way back, to an Art Deco Cuba - circa 1970. Embrace the passion of island culture and join in the sun-soaked celebration. With the Islabomba collection, satisfy your tropic-yearning with juicy retro pastels, geometric shapes and jukebox feels; defining a range meant to stand out from the crowd. Join us in a unique paradise that combines nature, culture and the bright lights of the city.

Hidden within the sandstone walls of a desert palace, there’s a secret paradise calling your name. Leave your worries at the door and escape the soaring temperatures of summer with your own serine oasis. Allow the shades of deep-sea indigo to mesmerize your senses. Inspired by the delicate lines and mosaics of Moroccan riad tile-work, the Azule collection will lure you into a state of divine relaxation. So, prepare to dive in, head first.


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