Pool Floats & Inflatables

Pool Floats & Inflatables

SUNNYLiFE is always ahead of the curve with our range of SUNNYLiFE FLOATS & INFLATABLES, this season every age group gets to dive into the fun.

Our SUNNYLiFE FLOATING HAMMOCKS plunge teenagers into the chill zone and are the ultimate pool party pleasers for those who like to relax and recline.


Stack it or flat pack it. Our versatile SUNNYLiFE INFLATABLE CHAIR in a glorious neon sunset hue is guaranteed to inflate summer memories with pop heart. Glisten up, this Insta-good float is the ultimate float for those who like to be spotted. As seen in the Good American Neon Launch PR Package gifted to the Kardashians, Jenners and more.

For the grown-ups, our shimmering SUNNYLiFE FLOAT AWAY LIE ON ROSÈ BOTTLE pairs perfectly with our SUNNYLiFE FLOAT AWAY LIE ON RAINBOW FLOAT in peachy pink sunset shades.

We have assorted sea creatures in our new range of SUNNYLiFE KIDS FLOATS - check out our SUNNYLiFE SEAHORSE UNICORNS and grinning SUNNYLiFE SHARK ATTACK icons.

Our friendly SUNNYLiFE GIANT DINOSAUR SPRINKLER rising 1.7 metres ensure roaring good times in the back yard.