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Summer's not over
what's on in sydney

Time flies when you’re having fun but, worry not sunnylovers, our Summer days aren’t numbered yet!

Everyone knows summer is the best time of the year; and we’ve definitely enjoyed a bright, blistering and beautiful one so far. We’ve grown accustomed to a certain level of sunlit comfort. But now the calendar, and perhaps the climate, begin to conspire against us.

For those who can’t bear the onset of autumn, here are a few ways to prolong the fun.

Get Outside

There may be a few obstacles to overcome – the return to work/university, or our constant nemesis, poor weather– but that’s no reason to jettison the seasonal spirit of enjoying the outdoors. If you’re keen for some wild swimming, this is one of the best times for a day trip to explore the amazing swimming holes outside the city. Collect your friends, grab your towels and head out to: The Mermaid Pools (Tahmoor), The Figure 8 Pools (Royal National Park), Blue Pool & Jellybean Pool (Glenbrook), Karloo Pool (NSW Royal National Park) or Jingga Pool & Minerva Pool (Dharawal National Park).

If you’re looking for free, outdoor events, get your fiesta on March 17th, at the Bondi Beach Latin American Festival, and celebrate Latin culture by the sunny sands of one of Australia’s most famous beaches. Or, 'drop in’ at the Vissla Sydney Pro, beginning March 16th, to see top-level, international surfing along the shores of Manly Beach. Watch some of the world’s top athletes compete in the waves, and enjoy the other planned festivities (on dry land).

Look, Learn and Listen

Soak up that fading summer sun at an outdoor cinema, or escape the heat at your favourite theatre. There's no better way to enjoy the rest of the season with your friends. The same can be said of Summer concerts! Check the lineup for the annual Taronga Summer Concert Series, featuring music for all ages until March 9th.

Get your sophisticated face on, adding a museum to your summer bucket list! I know it’s easier to talk about visiting a museum than it is to, ya know, actually go; but museums are actually insane, interesting and (dare I say it) fun. History is basically one big soap opera, from famous dead guys to dinosaurs. It’s all very exciting and many of the best museums are free! Before going full museum, try an exhibit. I suggest getting your blood pumping at Plants with Bite, located at the Royal Botanic Gardens, featuring the world of carnivorous plants until Feb 28th.

Eat Drink and Be Merry

Summer is all about dining in the summer sun. You have all winter to dine inside, so why not stock up on some meals to remember. Your fave restaurants are, no doubt, planning special events and seasonal menus designed to please your summer palate. Enjoy the sprawling greens at Chaswick’s event series, ‘Gin on the Lawn’, being held every Wednesday this month. Make the most of February’s balmy sunsets with specialty, hump-day drinks, lawn games and canapes. (Work-hard-play-hard, people).

If you have a pool, an Insta-worthy patio or a BBQ at hand, why not invite your friend-fam over for a summer party at yours. Make it a true celebration of sunlight. Deck the place out with summer decor and don’t forget the music! Be sure to plan some top-notch, sensational summer spreads of your favourite foods and cocktails, making sure everyone stays hydrated. If you need help with the prep, just ask the summer time experts.

And if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, start practicing your Swayze-lifts now, because Underground Cinema is presenting an immersive theatre version of Dirty Dancing, March 15-17th at The Domain, Sydney. It tells the tale of Baby and Johnny, complete with resort style classes, dance lessons, and themed dining options; and all this before the sun sets and you catch the film under the stars.


Summer is NOT over people, so keep those knits and woollies in the closet.



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