Sunnykids Launch Party 2017

The Wisteria Room at Centennial Homestead was given a Sunnykids makeover. Overflowing with the trademark Sunnylife colour, guests were treated to popsicles in the shape of toucans and palm trees, a Pink Flamingo cake and mini burgers.

The little guests enjoyed bouncing around on the inflatables, and making music in the tee-pee music corner. A huge balloon photo wall was the perfect colourful backdrop for photo’s.

We had some adorable guests of honour (and their parents!) attend. Check out the images below to see the mischief we got up to…

(All image credits to Anna Kucera)

Our gorgeous balloon wall, courtesy of Floating Designs.

Kate Waterhouse & her daughter, Sophia.

Kate Waterhouse's daughter, Sophia having a ball.

Meghan Loneragan with her son, Lachie.

Thu Pham & daughter, Banksii.

Toni Pearen with son, Lucky Osmond.

Loving that proud mum face here, Toni!

Tom Williams with his daughter, Storm.

Tom Williams & Storm being adorable.

Krystal Hipwell with her son, Sunny. 

Krystal and Sunny are rattling things up.

Hamming it up for the paps!
Mon cherry's!
Rainbow Rockstar.
Our hearts are ballooning!
Catherine Heraghty & her son, Hudson.

Nyree Kingston & Grace Jones.

Amalia Karaeva seeing the world through pineapple coloured glasses.

Jules Sebastian & her son, Archer.

Our beautiful Marketing team, Lauren Donnelly, Abbey Pantano & Ines Gauthier.

Pick n Mix for the lucky guests.

Pops of balloons throughout the room.

The full goodie table.

The gorgeous venue at The Wisteria Room at Centennial Homestead.

Little play stations perfect set for the little tots.

Floats everywhere to be seen!

One of each, please!





Flaming delicious!

Hydration station.

The pièce de résistance - our flamingo cake!

Tom Williams with his daughter, Storm.

Tom Williams' daughter, Storm.

Kiri Vasales with daughter, Matisse.

Jules Sebastian & Kate Waterhouse.

Pinata fun.

Smash, smash, smash!

Catherine Heraghty, Krystal Hipwell & Jules Sebastian.

Catherine Heraghty, Krystal Hipwell with their sons Hudson & Sunny.

Smiles all round!

'Muuummm, let's get cake.'

When your backpack matches your shoes...

Unicorns are happiness.

Our Rosie is loving the attention!

Jules Sebastian's son, Archer, looking mighty fineapple with his pineapple balloon.

Loving this adorable moment with our ice cream bubbles.

The perfect concentration face until....


Dreamy tee-pee times.


Budding musicians.

Strike a pose.

Never let go of your watermelon.

Ice blocksss!

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