Sunnylife x BlackMilk


The most important holiday of the year is coming up – HALLOWEEN! We teamed up with our friends at BlackMilk to create our favourite lewks. Cus sometimes we want more options than the sexy witch, or a sexy hamburger, or a sexy scrabble board (actually we're here for that one. 12 points.) . Try and add some Sunny to your Halloween and don’t forget to show us what you come up with by #sunnylife! 


Nic, the babe with the best tan known to womankind, chose to express her ethereal side with the Ice Queen Sheer Maxi Skirt & the White Off the Shoulder Crop and a healthy dose of glitter and festival braids. Add our Kiddy Float Pearl Swan and POOF she’s a Swan Princess! 

Imagine the creativity of Lady Gaga, with a side of Beyonce’s flair plus a healthy dose of T-Swift obsession and you have our Chels. Always up for a laugh, Chelsea brought her own special flair to our Halloween collab. BlackMilk outfit details coming soon. Grab our Kiddy Toucan Float and Toucan Sunnies to take your costume to the beak.


We are cherry excited that Abbey agreed to join in on the Halloween fun. She’s been so busy lately with 90’s RNB nights, SUP-ing with her crew, and literally planning the best summer for the rest of Australia that we didn’t think we’d be able to lock her down. But who better to portray a ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb than this literal bundle of joy? Abs has brang it with the flirty Awesome Red Skater Skirt and the sex-in-a-swimsuit Red Pamela Suit. Slip on our Cherry Sunnies and to add the… ahem… cherry on top, set yourself up with the Cherry Pool Ring and you’ll have the best seat in the haunted house.



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