Synonymous with blue skies, busy beaches and beaut BBQs, there’s so much to love about Christmas in Australia – and most of it is to do with being outdoors! Frighteningly, more than two in three Aussies being diagnosed with skin cancer before age 70 – the statistics are frightening. 
Which is precisely why three years ago, a group of people came together to start a brand-new Aussie tradition – something #SunSmart we could really be proud of. And so, the Ugly Xmas Rashie was born. 
For the 2017 limited edition, not only is the true-blue-cockatoo proudly taking pride of place, the Scody designed rashie is a smashing UPF 50+ (take that, sun!) and also available for the very first time in an Ugly Xmas Cycling Jersey – ‘cus why should cyclists miss out? Proceeds from every sale go to help Cancer Council in the fight to beat cancer. 
The Ugly Xmas Rashie is released as a limited edition, in a range of unisex sizes – for adults and children – available exclusively at
As part of our campaign to drive sun safety practices and awareness, we’d love to invite you to get behind the good cause by sharing our Ugly Xmas Rashie video. Check it out below!
The Ugly Xmas Rashie. It’s a new Aussie Christmas tradition. We hope you’ll get on board the revolution!



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