To celebrate the last days of summer our flock took to Sydney Harbour with the legends The Yacht Social Club & Have You Heard Events ☀️

Thanks so much to our sponsors: Ultimate Ears, Rosé Rosé, Platter Wonderland, IYCPOP, & Heneiken for helping make it such an epic day.

Check out the pics to see how the day went down. Can we flamin-do it all over again this weekend? 💗

Photo Credit: @foxfotos_


Excuse us while we enter this vid into Tropfest...

Platter Wonderland supplied the most EPIC spread we've ever seen. Droooooling. 

 Kaily Smith & Jake Rich - Power couple mingling on the mingo's

 Kaily poppin' some IYC Pops.

 Rosé Rosé all day

Jessie Khoo and her BFFF (Best Friends Float Forever)

Tori Evett, Jessie, & Karina Hunt - selfie sistas.

 Tori dives right in.

 Rachael Herraman gives a ultimate kiss to the Ultimate Ear's Wonderbooms.

Cap'n Lisa Hyde reporting for Flock Duty.



 Thanks to our mates, Rosé Rosé & Ultimate Ears. We love your work!


Squad goals all day erry day.

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