The summer must-haves every toddler needs

the summer must-haves every toddler needs

kids today are so much cooler than we ever were... and we're totally okay with that.

As the temperature climbs, help your little Sunnylovers stay cool in style with these fun finds for beach days, mornings spent poolside and lazy summer afternoons in the backyard.

Icy Pole Moulds

What’s better than an icy pole? A mermaid or cactus-shaped icy pole, of course! Fill them with your own magical creations - watermelon blended with mint, mango with coconut milk, or whatever fruit combo your little ones will devour to help them stay cool.


Kiddy Pools

When you can’t get to the pool, bring the pool to you! Our kiddy pools are all sorts of fun and look fabulous. The shade cover keeps your little ones protected from the summer sun while they can splash away beside their new friend.


Inflatable Beach Balls

Beach balls are life when you are a toddler… and even better if they have a cute unicorn or elephant inside them - mind blown! Bounce it around the backyard to practice your skills before hitting the beach will your ball in tow. We can almost hear the giggles of delight.


Image Credit: @shellandthelittlies

Slip Slide Splash

Embrace retro cool with a modern spin to go slipping and sliding through the backyard… under a rainbow! Hook it up to the hose and turn your yard into a water park that will take you back to your own childhood. You’ll just be wishing you were a kid so you could join in all the fun.

Inflatable Sprinklers

This will take your childhood memories of running under the sprinkler in the backyard to the next level. Our inflatable sprinklers are cool to look at as well as play with! Some things never get old and running around your own backyard on a scorching hot day is one of them.

Baby Floats

Is it even a day at the pool if you aren’t sporting a trendy float? Sunnylife’s floats will keep your little ones afloat… in style! He has a headrest and leg supports perfect for toddlers who need a bit more support while spending their days floating away.

Kids Sunscreen 50+ 200 ml

Summer isn’t complete without slathering on the SPF… especially for that precious skin! Pop it on 30 minutes before you hit the sunshine and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day. Ours is 4 hours water-resistant and fragrance-free for sensitive skin.  

The most important thing any toddler needs for summer is a massive dose of FUN! And that’s what we serve up here at Sunnylife. Shop our full Sunnylife Kids range for the stylish essentials that childhood memories are made of.

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