Posted on November 25 2020

The Best Aussie Swim Spots

Australia is home to some of the best beaches, bays and swim spots in the world. We asked our Instagram followers to comment with their favorite swim spots and we are were blown away with the responses. From the crystal-clear waters of Western Australia, to the scenic springs of the Northern Territory here are some of your favorite swim spots in Australia as told by our Sunnylovers.

Summer Games

Summer Games ~ Daniel Sidhom

Fun in the sun with the Sunnylife’s Summer Games – are you up for the challenge? It’s time to recruit the squad, tag your opponent and have some fun in the sun! 

Picnic Perfection!

Picnic Perfection! ~ Daniel Sidhom

Sun is shining, birds are chirping and there is a beautiful breeze in the air. The day is perfect to grab your Sunnylife picnic blanket and head to your perfect picnic spot.

Perfect Beach Bag!

Perfect Beach Bag! ~ Daniel Sidhom

You can’t just put your togs on and go, you are going to need a few items that will take your beach day to the next level. Mission accepted, operation “Perfect Beach bag” underway!

Chasing Summer – Barcelona

Chasing Summer – Barcelona ~ Abbey Pantano

Taking a trip to where Sunnylife first began, the beautiful beaches of Barcelona. The deep blue Mediterranean Sea and sun-drenched beaches makes Barcelona one of our favourite destinations.

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