As you prepare to soak up those rays and show off your summer glow, it is important to remember to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun with SPF. Whilst traditional sunscreen may seem to "do the job", they are often damaging to the environment and your skin which is why natural sunscreen is something to hype about. So, if you're interested to know what is SO good about natural sunscreen, here is a quick breakdown:


  1. Safer for your skin: Natural sunscreens use mineral-based ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to physically block the sun's rays. This means they are gentler, more moisturising, non-toxic and non-irritating and less likely to cause any form of reaction on your skin. So how this differ from generic sunscreen? Chemical-based ingredients found in generic sunscreen absorb the UV rays rather than blocking them completely, plus the formulations they use have been found to cause irritation and allergies to young skin and sensitive skin types.

  2. Eco-friendly: Natural sunscreen is formulated with raw ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals making them much safer for our oceans, reefs and overall environment. So how does this differ from generic sunscreen? Generic sunscreen being chemical based contain two key ingredients, oxybenzone and octinoxate, these ingredients have been shown to be harmful to the environment and can bleach coral reefs, damage marine life and contribute to environmental pollution.

  3. Long-lasting protection: Natural sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection again both UVA and UVB rays. What this means is, it has a higher sun protection factor (SPF) so you can spend time soaking up the sun without needing to reapply every hour or worrying about sunburn or skin damage. Still, don't forget to reapply for optimum sun safety. So how does this differ from generic sunscreen? Due to the chemicals found in generic sunscreen it becomes less effective with time because when exposed to the sun, heat and water the chemicals breakdown and become less effective which means it is important to reapply generic sunscreens every hour for maximum sun protection.

  4. Great for kids: Natural sunscreen are nourishing to children and babies' soft skin and won't cause irritation or sensitivity. So how does this differ from generic sunscreen? Due to the formulation of these sunscreens, they have been found to be irritating and uncomfortable for little one's fresh skin and can cause allergic reactions when first applied.


Whilst sunscreen is key when out in the sun there are several other sun protective measures to consider, these are: lounge under an ultraviolet protection factor beach umbrella or cabana like our SUNNYLiFE styles, wear shades and a hat, cover up sun exposed skin with lightweight, loose-fitting clothing, stay hydrated and be mindful of sun reflections which are just as harmful as direct sun light.


There you have it, the benefits of using natural sunscreen! So, next time you hit the beach, don't forget to pack your natural sunscreen, beach umbrella or cabana and enjoy the sun in style.


All information provided in this article is intended solely for educational purposes and cannot substitute professional medical advice. For medical advice, seek the opinion of an appropriate healthcare individual.


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