Christmas down under is unlike much of the rest of the world, and with that comes different festive rituals and Christmas traditions. For one, it is blistering hot and upwards of 30 degrees. Although the same constant exists, everyone's Christmas rituals and traditions are personal to them, be it playing Christmas games with the family, having a BBQ at the beach, or eating traditional food. Here are some of the ways the SUNNYLiFE staff like to celebrate. And who knows? Maybe you can give them a crack too!


Online General Manager, Lisa Anderson says "I kick off Christmas with my closest friends, popping bubbles and enjoying a classic champagne breakfast (it would be rude not to). Then, instead of gifting to everyone we opt for Secret Santa. That way we can really splurge and have some fun with the presents we choose! After that, you'll catch me by the pool, floating the day away on my SUNNYLiFE Inflatable Lilo Chair with a cocktail in my hand!" 


Marketing Campaign Coordinator, Simone Lavis says "Christmas morning is slow and steady, we open our handmade gifts, go for a walk along the beach and then the cooking begins. This is my favourite part! We enjoy a hot and cold lunch with copious salads, meats, seafood and sides on the balcony with family and friends before entering the most competitive but fun Christmas dessert bake-off one has ever seen. Flour, chocolate, lollies and frosting go flying, but it is a tradition I will carry on with my own family forever. In the late afternoon we head back to the beach for some relaxing, swimming and amateur cricket (anything for a little rivalry) before backing it up the next day around the pool. This is where you'll find me eating left-overs, floating on my SUNNYLiFE White Tube Lilo and play rounds of water sports with family and friends (we are quiet the competitive and sporty bunch)."


Digital Marketing Coordinator, Brianna Coutts says "We get things started on Christmas eve by exploring our neighbourhood in search for the best Christmas lights, before welcoming in Christmas day at my parent's house with ham and cheese croissants and mimosas (all hands-on deck to make as many as we can!). Then, we head to my grandparent's place for a garden party style lunch. A hot and cold, three course meal, that is so yum! But before we eat, we mark the occasion by popping bonbons, sharing jokes and wearing the funny crown hats. Then we do family photos and exchange presents before entering food comas, napping and having a movie moment. The big event is followed by a Boxing Day pool party at my parent's where you'll find me drifting the day away on the SUNNYLiFE Rainbow Luxe Lie-On."


Website Coordinator, Katie Veal says "Spending Christmas away from home (I'm a London girl) looks slightly different but I like to keep some of my family traditions alive. So, Christmas eve is spent at the pub with friends who feel like family, wearing Christmas themed clothes and tinsel! Then to ring in Christmas, we have mimosa with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (so yum!) before jetting off to the beach for a quick dip and float. After some much-needed relaxing on my SUNNYLiFE Glitter Hammock we head out for an all-inclusive bottomless lunch where we enjoy roast turkey with cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets and yorkshire puddings with lots of gravy! The afternoon is all about playing games, sipping on cocktails, grazing on cheese, fresh fruit and baguette while making endless memories."


PR and Social Media Coordinator, Luca Franich says "Mimosa's are a must on Christmas morning so we usually start out there before playing the ritual gift exchange, white elephant (it always gets so hectic but makes the best memories, especially when everyone wants the same present), this year I have wrapped up the SUNNYLiFE Terracotta Luxe Towel! We then celebrate with a big lunch surrounded by family and friends, with all the Christmas classics including a ham. One thing we have continued to do since I was little is to all buy a new Christmas tree ornament every year, that way our collection grows but each year a new Christmas decoration represents those memories (gosh, I love this tradition!)."


Whether it be the people, Christmas food, the presents, or just the holiday season, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. So, from our SUNNYLiFE family to yours, have a very Merry Christmas and be sure to let us know if you try any of our staff's traditions over on Instagram, @sunnylifeaustralia.