Golden hour, the time of day where the sun makes its descent and a sense of lightness and stillness fills the air, as if nature itself holds its breath in awe of the danced upon sky. And as the landscape transitions from shades of delicate pink and lavender to radiant oranges and fiery golds the surroundings seem to take on a dreamlike quality leaving you breathless. It's an experience that lingers long after the sunset, leaving you with a lasting impression and a growing need to witness it again and again. And what better way to savour the moment than with a delightful picnic by your side. So, without further ado, here's a guide to creating a memorable golden hour picnic.


Choose the perfect location: Select a picturesque outdoor location that offers unobstructed views of the horizon and plenty of space to spread out your picnic blanket and chairs. Whether it's a tranquil beach, a scenic park or a serene hilltop, find a spot that resonates with the golden hour's charm.


Pack a picnic basket: Elevate your golden hour picnic with a natural picnic basket that will complement the softness of the sky like your SUNNYLiFE styles. Fill it with fresh fruit and charcuterie that is full of flavour like grapes, camembert cheese, sliced cucumber, dried fruit, cured meats and vintage champagne that will savor the moment and add to the experience.


Bring a picnic seat and blanket: Position yourself to the sky by leaning back into a SUNNYLiFE Folding Seat or Deluxe Chair that offers 6 different recliner positions. This will allow you to fully marvel in the beauty surrounding you and soak in the tranquility of the moment. Opt for an outdoor picnic blanket if you want to take your experience to the next level by lie back completely to face directly up to the sky.


Take in the moment: The golden hour is a time to appreciate the beauty around you and reconnect with nature. Put away distractions, immerse yourself in the tranquility, and fully embrace the present moment. Allow the soft, warm light to envelop you, inspiring a sense of peace, joy, and gratitude.


And capture the beauty: Whether you have a DLSR camera, film camera or your iPhone camera, snap the sunset as it makes its decent, be sure to set the ISO to low and shoot with a wide aperture to maximise depth of field, control the amount of light let in and achieve a beautiful shot that you can have to savour the moment forever.


What are you waiting for? Embrace the colours, cherish the moments and let the golden hour weave its spell around you.


Posted by Simone Lavis on