Australia is renowned for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches, but it’s also home to other spectacular and unique swimming spots. These include dramatic waterfalls, turquoise lakes, and natural pools in remote national parks.

If you're up for a little bit of an adventure, pack the car with towels, swimmers, a picnic basket filled with snacks, plenty of fresh water and perhaps even a float or two - we are heading off the beaten track and diving into some of the best kept secrets around the country.


These are our top five wild swimming spots to visit this year...

No.5 Wattamolla Falls, New South Wales

With a beautiful, freshwater waterfall and sandy swimming beach, Wattamolla Falls in Sydney's Royal National Park has something for everyone. There are plenty of shady places to picnic beneath the trees, sandy spots for afternoon sunbathing as well as cool, calm waters for wading in with the kids. On a hot summers day this hidden secret is a true paradise.

No.4 Dalhousie Springs, South Australia

Searching for the best natural pools in the country? Dalhousie Springs in South Australia is arguably one of the finest. Described as an outback oasis, the natural springs are situated at the edge of the Simpson desert, smack bang in the middle of the country. Whilst this is one of the most remote swimming locations on the list, it is also one of the most beautiful and unique.

No.3 The Basin, New South Wales

Located in northern Sydney, getting to this secret swimming spot is super easy with a regular ferry running from the nearby Palm Beach. Perfect for a day trip, the hidden paradise is an ideal spot for picnicking, basking in the sun and swimming in clear, protected waters. For an easy weekend away you can also bring your camping gear and make the most of the stunning surroundings. Although the trip is less than an hour long, The Basin is completely peaceful and serene, making you feel as though you're worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

No.2 Manning Gorge, Western Australia

In the Kimberly region of Western Australia, Manning Gorge is a truly unique spot for a swim. You'll create unforgettable memories here, floating in the turquoise waters and staring up at the bright red rocks surrounding the quiet water hole. Top Tip: Make sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, plenty of fresh water and even a beach umbrella for some extra shade - this location gets super sunny and hot!

No.1 Mason's Swimming Hole, Queensland

Home to some of Australia's best beaches, tropical Far North Queensland is also a paradise of wild swimming spots and natural pools. Mason's Swimming Hole in Cape Tribulation is a serene oasis set amongst shady palms, perfect for a refreshing swim on a blistering hot day. The crystal clear water and rainforest surrounds make this natural pool one of the best swimming spots in Australia, frequented by visitors from around the globe.

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