That's right, home IS where the pool is. No matter where life takes you, we think it's essential to keep the water nearby for a refreshing morning dip or cheeky afternoon swim with the kids. No pool? No problem... SUNNYLiFE's Pool range has got you covered for all of your backyard pool needs. Bring paradise to your own doorstep with one simple solution: an inflatable paddling pool big enough to fit up to three adults (or to use as a dog paddling pool)!

The best part? This blow up paddling pool is easily packed down and blown back up again, so home can come with you wherever you go. Get ready to cool off, chill out and embrace the holiday vibes all year round with one of our bestselling products, a pool suitable for every need and any occasion!


The Glitter Pool: A Classic

Looking for a timeless classic? The Glitter Pool will stand by your side for EVERY occasion and it never fails to impress. Both classy and fun, The Glitter Pool is the perfect adult pool and will bring a little bit of magic to your backyard swims. The transparent pool is filled with silver holographic confetti to bring sparkle to your life all year round. Plus, it's the perfect pick me up to boost your mood on a dull day. Elevate your pool party aesthetic this summer and invite your friends round to join in the paddling pool fun!


The SMILEY®️ Pool: A Mood Booster

Need a pick me up this summer? The SMILEY®️ Pool is the ultimate mood booster and happiness icon! From the official SUNNYLiFE x SMILEY®️ collaboration, The SMILEY®️ Inflatable Pool will put a smile on your dial and keep the energy up all year round so you never have to kiss summer goodbye. Featuring a chilled out tie-dye print and the iconic SMILEY®️ logo in stunning yellow, this backyard pool ensures your summer swims will be filled with good vibes only!


The Summer Spritz Pool: A Refresher

The Summer Spritz Pool is a favourite of ours. For a quick refresher on hot summer days, this thirst-quenching pool is ideal for backyard pool parties with your friends! Don't let the kids have all the fun, the Summer Spritz inflatable Paddling Pool is big enough for three adults! Brighten the mood in an instant with the neon orange colourway and holiday inspired design, plus, get ready for some competitive fun with a bonus inflatable 3D ball included. For an extra cheeky treat, fill this adult paddling pool with ice and a selection of cold drinks... they'll stay cool all day long and your mates will be begging to come back next weekend to enjoy your legendary backyard pool setup.