TREND ALERT! SUNNYLiFE’s bestselling Holographic Glitter Tube Lilo was recently featured in Chanel’s Spring Summer 2022 campaign. The collection is described by the label as a celebration of youth and ‘the endless days of summer’. Here at SUNNYLiFE we couldn’t agree with the sentiment more!

In line with the luxury fashion house's signature aesthetic, the Chanel SS22 collection is a sophisticated and elegant range with an emphasis on playful accents. Overall the campaign promotes the carefree yet homely experience of youth, illustrated with an aesthetic of domestic grandeur. 

This aesthetic is largely assisted by background props and the careful set design which focuses on small details of understated luxury, such as a velvet couch, marble windowsill or, you guessed it, a transparent, glitter filled SUNNYLiFE lilo. 

The Holographic Glitter Tube Lilo makes its cameo appearance in the campaign shoot featuring young Swiss model Vivienne Rohner. In a classic black and white Chanel two-piece, Rohner lays nonchalantly on the glittery float as she drifts across an empty blue pool. Bordered with leafy green foliage, the backyard also features beautiful sycamore trees and a classically designed house with white french windows. It’s official - we’ve got some serious backyard envy! 

Don’t be afraid to take some pointers for your own garden and set up a Chanel inspired mini oasis that would make Coco herself jealous! Next time you’re lounging poolside put on your favourite black sunglasses, a string of pearls and open a bottle of champagne to achieve ultimate backyard luxury. The cherry on top? A SUNNYLiFE Glitter Tube Lilo floating casually in the pool. 

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