Home is the place where you laugh, love, work, sleep and eat, so it should be somewhere that makes you feel happiest, reflect your personal style and evolve as you do. So, if you're feeling tired and bored of your current home décor, refresh your space with a few small pieces and see what a difference it can make.

Check out these home décor ideas and take notes for your own space. Our collection of radiant home accessories, including a sophisticated range of Lucite and timber games and cocktail kits, are designed to make you feel as good as you do when you're at the beach. Perfect for sun seekers and free spirits, you'll see that even the smallest changes can go a long way in making your home a place that truly captures who you are.

Have A Board Game Out On Display

Not only are these beautiful indoor games fun to play, they also make excellent statement pieces when out on display. Arranged on the coffee table or nestled on a bookshelf, these high quality pieces are luxurious yet fun. Hand-painted with bright colours and prints, The Majorelle Mega Jumbling Tower is one of many wooden board games in our collection, perfect for a natural look. For a more sleek style our transparent Lucite games, such as the Aurora Lucite Chess & Checkers set, offer cool retro vibes.

Perhaps you've been in the market for some new wall art? The Bondi Puzzle features original artwork from Daimon Downey, and once complete can be framed and admired as a trendy statement piece. Perfect for bringing a pop of colour and playfulness to your home, these stylish games and puzzles are a unique and unexpected way to customise your space.

Create A Bar Area

One of the key tips in interior design is to created designated spaces throughout the home. Freshen up your living room or kitchen and have some fun creating a designated bar area. Buy or re-use a simple cabinet or trolley and stock it full of your favourite drinks and mixers. Then make it shine with some on-trend acrylic drink ware and metal bar accessories.

Add some colour with our sunset toned Multi Poolside Tumblers. to finish it all off, arrange a pot plant or a stack of coffee table books and your glamorous bar area is complete, ready to go for your next wine night or cocktail hour.