As Valentine's Day approaches and cupid strings his bow, lovebirds everywhere wonder how to celebrate the special day. Of course there are the classics - flowers, chocolates and dinner dates will never go out of style. Yet, sometimes you want to surprise your significant other with a valentines gift that shows how much you really care.

This year we've got the ultimate valentines day date all planned out for you. And for the cherry on top, we've also got a cute gifting guide to accompany the special outing!

The Date: Sunset Picnic For Two

There's nothing like a cosy picnic on a summer evening to set the mood between you and your special someone. From 'just dating' to relationship veterans, an intimate picnic is a great way to get to know your partner even better than you already do.

Whether you want to keep it a surprise or set up the fun together, you'll first need to find the perfect location. We suggest somewhere scenic yet personal. A quiet spot at the beach, park or botanic gardens is a great place to start!

Next, layout a SUNNYLiFE Picnic Blanket to make the space super comfy. As the sun sets you'll be able to lay back and relax together, watching the sky fade into pink and purple shades before the stars come out.

Then come the food and drinks. You know what your partner loves better than anyone so surprise them with a picnic basket full of their favourite treats! SUNNYLiFE's Round Cooler Basket is chic and modern with a natural wicker outer, while the insulated inner will make sure your delicacies stay cool and fresh all afternoon.

After you've eaten you can bring out a bottle of bubbly to toast the occasion. Keep it cool in a SUNNYLiFE Cooler Drinks Bag before pouring two glasses for you and your loved one. If you fancy a nibble with your sparkling you can prepare an impromptu grazing platter with the SUNNYLiFE Travel Cheese Set. The lid doubles as a beautiful wooden cheese board!

Now, as the stars shimmer above you and the evening winds to an end, you'll finish your drinks, roll up the picnic blanket and head home for a cosy evening. Although the perfect picnic date has come to an end, your partner will remember the special touches and extra thought you've put in to make this valentines day a unique one.

Setting up the dream picnic for you and your valentine is the ultimate gift to show how much you care. With this list of cute picnic must-haves, you'll have everything you need to blow them away with the romantic valentines day picnic of their dreams.