Along with the sun, the moon and a sky full of stars, mums light up our lives like nobody else! Sharing their endless resilience and compassion with the world, mums are strong like the sea and sweet like honey.

Today SUNNYLiFE are taking a moment to shine the spotlight back on the strong women in our community, starting with one of our favourite sunny mums @islandofsea. We caught up with Ally, the inspiring blogger and mum of four behind the @islandofsea account to chat about summertime, motherhood and the new SUNNYLiFE collection.


How do you and your kids usually celebrate Mother’s Day together? 

Usually we go to the beach, get some hot chips and gelato and spend the day just chilling. We always end it by dancing around the lounge house like crazy people before bed. 


As a mum, why do you resonate with the SUNNYLiFE brand?

Pretty much everything about SUNNYLiFE resonates with me. From the amazing patterns, colours and styles to the recycling program. Everything is always so fresh and fun. 


What are some of your favourite products from the SUNNYLiFE Spring/Summer 2022 range?

I absolutely swear by your swim vests. I’ve tried so many brands on my 3yo and none are close to being as amazing as these. So much flotation with less bulk and super cute at the same time. I am just obsessed with all the smiley range as well as the nostalgia range. I’ve tried picking favourites and I just can’t because the list would take me forever haha. Give me all the fun and floaty things!


What colours and patterns are you loving this season?

I love yellow, I love checker board anything and I’m obsessed with the Moroccan style patterns and retro colours. I love it all 😂


We love seeing all of your great pics on Instagram! What's your favourite thing about blogging?

At the moment I’m so so glad I spent so much time documenting things. Every photo, every post is a memory and when I lost all the photos and videos on my laptop having social media saved so many of those memories. It’s also been an incredible way to make amazing friendships with people all over the country and world. I’ve made so many connections with people it’s helped me through a lot of difficult times. 


You and your family live in the Northern Rivers region of NSW which has recently been hit by severe flooding. How has the experience of the floods affected your family's lives?

The power went out, internet went down, reception was horrible. Still the rain kept falling. It took 5 days to be able to get home. Once I could it was an absolute mess. Everything was completely destroyed. But we have received so much help and love and support from people. Perfect strangers reaching out to lend a hand, help us to replace some of what we lost and even just to give us a hug. Slowly I have been helping my landlord to clean the house and get it back up and running so we can go home. It’s going to be amazing being able to slowly create spaces we love again and fall back into a routine.


What advice would you give other mums who may have been similarly affected by the floods, or be experiencing other types of hardship at the moment?

Please ask for help. I know how incredible hard it can be to reach out and ask for what you need, but please do it. People are good and there is always someone that want to help. I know how low some of the bad moments can be, try and look for moments of happiness and focus on those for as long as you can. Slowly those happy moments become more frequent than the low ones and you can feel yourself climbing out. 


What are some of your favourite family-friendly activities?

Dancing to music, singing loudly and beach trips. My favourite activities will always be the ones that cost nothing (except maybe a bit of petrol money) 


What is your #1 favourite thing about being a mum?

The endless unconditional love. Nothing comes close to the joy that kind of love brings to your life. 


We love them like nothing else and we wouldn't be here without them - today's the day to show a special mama what she means to you! Happy Mothers Day everyone x

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