Building The Perfect Summer Bar Cart

building The Perfect Summer bar cart

When your fave rooftop spots, happy hour hosts and hidden-gems are at max capacity. Never fear, make your home the most exclusive club in town.

Is there anything more stylish or sophisticated than a well-stocked bar cart? I mean, what says “living my best life”, more than inviting a few distinguished guests over for curated cocktails on a sunny afternoon. After extensive research, we’ve put together our summer bar cart guide, so all our Sunnylovers are ready for when warm-weather revelry strikes. Summer ain't over yet people, and even afternoon sips by the pool requires a bit of planning.

So, keep reading if your idea of a “bar cart” consists of a random assortment of bottles and five different bitters you bought in a fit of excitement, used once, then left to languish in a corner, collecting dust… From our fave summertime set up to glassware and accessories that practically scream “cannon ball!”, stocking the bar will be almost as much fun as using it.

Command Central

- A stylish cart is your base element, choose one that mirrors your personality and vision. It should be both functional and beautiful. Your bar cart serves a distinct purpose, but it should also be a piece that you love looking at.

- Styling for summertime is easy breezy. Start with a sensational colour pallet and work from there. Are you going for gold and glitz, or maybe a colourfull, summer splash? Perhaps, with margaritas in mind, make it a fiesta affair!! Let loose and flaunt your personal style.

- Pro-tip: Turn your party guests into amateur mixologists. Frame one of your favourite, crowd-pleasing, summer cocktails, this cart addition will give your guests the DIY bar-tending experience.

Stock it like its Hot!

- Plan your ingredient army with intention, and stick to a recipe, no matter how intriguing those tempting, top shelf mixers look. Summer sips that never disappoint; fruity concoctions, for pool side pleasure, a bottle of your favourite bubbly, in case celebration strikes, and coffee liquor, for those espresso martini fueled nights.

- Pro tip: Pick bottles that will look gorgeous when displayed. Even if you’re not a fan of the liquor itself, you can always refill the display-worthy bottles with your actual flavour faves.

Tool Kit (The Only Tools You’ll Find at My House)

- With the right tools at hand, anyone can make a perfect cocktail; so, embrace your inner mixologist. The essentials: shaker, jigger, muddler, stirrer, strainer, and corkscrew. Curate your tools with playful shapes and luxe materials, or take the guesswork out by buying a complete set.     

Accessories, Accessorize

- A tray for garnishes would never go awry, and a quirky bottle opener should always be within easy reach. Keeping ice right next to your ingredients makes it even easier for guests to fix their own drinks, without you lifting a finger. So, validations achieved, snap up that chic ice bucket missing from your life.

- Also, it’s 2019 so ditch the plastic. Instead, stock up on re-usable metal straws, or purchase some paper straws, in an array of theme friendly colours of course. And lastly, this is a summer bar cart, so I ask you… where are the tiny drink umbrellas??

- Pro tip: If colour coordination is not your 'cup of tea', purchase a cocktail party kit for picture perfection.

Glam Glassware

- While there’s always, *sometimes, a place for basics… a little embellishment will make your summertime, setup feel fresh and extra fab. Look for glassware with metallic detailing or vibrant hues, they’re sure to garner oohs and aahs from your gaggle of guests.

- Pro tip: Glasses don’t just have to be practical. A vital part of a bar cart is the glasses, but an interesting glass can be the finishing touch you’ve been looking for.


Rule Number One

In your efforts to conquer the summer bar cart, remember this last and most important piece of advice: when in doubt, make sure you have enough supplies on hand so that a glass never runs dry.

Cheers ... Literally



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