t's all paws aboard this summer where the dogs and cats of Instagram take on poolside lounging for the ultimate day outdoors. So, if you're puppy, kitten or pool float obsessed, proceed with caution, because you won't be able to look away. Our furry friends are showing us how it is done better than ever before

@princess.coco0508 is the 'summer means swimming' princess. Gliding confidently across the water on the iconic and original Swan Luxe Ride-On Float, she is ready to bring smiles to her thousands of Instagram followers.


@rockyleenyc is a go with flow type of pup, content just floating through life with nothing short of the most stylish inflatable and frisbee. He's too busy relaxing by the pool to take notice of the silly ball games many of his other puppy pals play.


Poppy is living her pawfect life as a SUNNYLiFE model. It's all good times and tan lines especially when the colour pink is involved for this puppy queen. All she needs now is an Instagram account.


@katebeckinsale says "one is never too old, too grey or too furry to discover new joys" as she and her fur baby take on the White Luxe Ride-On Swan for a day spent under the sun.


@sullitzu is pool day perfection on the Rainbow Luxe Lie-On Float of her dreams, wondering 'can it stay summer forever!?'. That face and those paws say I'm not going anywhere else any time soon.


@adventuring_with_coco is the sweetest of all dogs! It's always a pawsitive time when she sees glitter and can sun-soak at home. Look how ecstatic she is with her backyard dog plunge pool - perfect for cooling off!


@sandysnoots is floating in paradise with none other than the classy Fiesta Mariposa Pool Ring, absolutely looking like a match made in heaven. This pup knows exactly what she wants in poolside relaxing.

Inflate your summer and allow your fur babies to live life under the sun in style with their very own pool float and inflatables.