The summer season is for sun-drenched beach days, lounging poolside and good company to appreciate life's simple pleasures with. But why not add flavoursome food served with endless cocktails and the cosiest setup so you can play away the day? Sounds perfect right… well, follow these simple steps to throw the best summer BBQ you've ever been to.

Location, location, location 

Opt for any outdoor location that will be relaxing, breezy and sunny for all to soak up the day outdoors. This could be in your own backyard for an added homely touch, at a local park or by the beach side. If unsure, the best option would be to host a backyard BBQ.

It's all in the food and beverages 

Think hearty salads, fresh baguettes, grilled seafood and an array of meat selects. Keep the menu fresh and simple. You can even ask your guests to bring along side dishes or dessert. Serve alongside lunch with a variety of refreshing drinks like, passionfruit and raspberry cocktails, homemade iced tea or classic but classy beer and wine. To prevent broken glasses, serve beverages in durable acrylic drinkware such as the Multi Stemless Glass Tumblers, perfect for summer sipping. Keep in mind, if you decide to head away from the home for your BBQ, be sure to think about how you will keep your food and beverages cold, choose a bag that has an insulated interior and zip like the Checkerboard Drinks Cooler Bag or for something slightly bigger, go for the Checkerboard Large Cooler Bag. They’ll be sure to keep it cool and make for convenient transport.

Comfort is key 

Style your chosen setting with comfort in mind, adding soft touches as an extension on the natural surroundings. This will create spaces for conversations to flow and for friends and family to relax. Adding a picnic blanket or rug is a great idea, like the Stripe Luxe Beach & Picnic Blanket and reclining chairs such as the Le Med Terry Travel Lounger Chair or the Terracotta Deluxe Beach Chair are luxurious choices. Don't forget about ways to combat the heat, have peace of mind and protection from the sun with the Sand Luxe Beach Umbrella or for a larger group, opt for a Cabana. These are perfect additions to a backyard barbecue or you can pack them and easily cart them wherever you decide.

Play away the day

Be sure to set the vibe for your BBQ by turning on chill lofi beats. For 2-in-1 convenience choose the Mint Beach Cooler Box Sounds, it is ready to keep your snacks chilled while the tunes heat up combining both a 15 litre cooler box with a travel speaker. For even more entertainment bring along some classic outdoor games like the Checkboard Badminton Set or the Sorbet Bocce Set, guaranteed to make for hours of fun. This could really turn your BBQ into a backyard party after a few afternoon alcoholic beverages.

These 4 simple steps are a must-follow guide on how to throw the best backyard BBQ, that will be sure not to disappoint. All that is left now, is for you to send out your invites to your friends and family and allow the day to unfold. Don't say we didn't warn you, everyone will be asking how you did it.