The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the air is hot and the days are long which means only one thing, the perfect conditions for a romantic date. Whether you are lost for ideas or want to spice it up, we have fifteen romantic, fun and affordable ideas for you to keep the love in the air and share a meaningful summer together. From date day ideas to date night ideas and everything in between, you're sure to find the romance you've been looking for.

Have A Outdoor Picnic ~ Grab yourself a Large Picnic Basket and fill it with easy and portable side dishes, think fresh baguette, a selection of hard and soft cheeses and some cold meats. Plus, don’t forget a bottle of champagne and something sweet like chocolate covered strawberries. All that's left is to find your sunset location, lay out a Picnic Blanket and allow the conversation to flow. 

Outdoor Movies ~ Cuddle up over a movie at your local drive-in cinemas or DIY it at home with a projector and white sheet. Better yet, turn it into a double date by inviting your closest couple friends.

Head On A Beach Day ~ Spend the day lounging in the sun and swimming in the ocean, grabbing a bite to eat and taking a long stroll along the water's edge, enjoying one another's company. To get prepped, check out our Ultimate beach bag checklist guide here, it is bound to save you from forgetting something, especially your Beach Umbrella and Beach Chair!

Play Tourists In Your Own City ~ Pretend it is all new and you have just got off a 2-hour flight with only 24 hours to make as many memories as possible. Hit up mini golf, the local park, a flea market, an escape room, maybe even an art gallery. Bonus points if you take turns in choosing your next destination.

Host A BBQ Lunch ~ Preparing your most-loved summer food and drinks hand in hand is one way to tighten your bond. You can even take this up a notch and invite other couple friends, turning it into a double date. To help get you on your way we have put together a guide on How to host a summer barbecue. Feel free to read this here to really elevate your BBQ lunch.

Take A Wine Tasting Class ~ Test your taste buds and compare notes while enjoying the picturesque vineyard landscape, it is truly one of the best summer date ideas.

Sip Sunset Cocktails ~ Enjoy some quality time together over a refreshing and tasty cocktail as the sun begins to set. And don’t worry, we have you covered with our Favourite cocktail recipes bound to refresh your summer, as well as the Bar Set to make the magic happen. 

Waterfall Hunting ~ Hit the great outdoors and trek it through the bush to find the most unknown but magical location of all. Turn it into a picnic date by carrying a backpack full of yummy supplies to enjoy at your destination.

Sunrise Walk ~ Romantic, nostalgic and a loving way to make sure you and your special someone are creating quality time for one another. The perfect date for weekday or weekend mornings.

Poolside Hangout Sessions ~ Blow up your most-loved Float for a fun date and hit the pool for a loungy sun-soaked afternoon. No pool nearby? Bring the fun with an Inflatable Pool. And if you’re in need of a new Pool Float we have a list of our Top 5 bestselling floats for summer that you can check out here.

Take A Long Bike Ride ~ No destination needed, simply ride where the wind takes you and enjoy the unknown adventure. This is perfect as a first date idea or any type of date for that matter.

Head Out For Gelato ~ It’s not summer without ice cream! Split a cone or get different flavours but don’t be afraid to share with each other to bring on the romance. Who knows, you might just find your latest can’t-live-without gelato flavour. 

Splurge On A Spa Day ~ Picture this... fluffy towels, couple's massages and spring water! Sounds like heaven if you ask us. We all deserve to treat ourselves to the finer things from time to time, so why not something that will have you and your lover relaxed and connected. 

Go Skinny Dipping ~ No explanation needed, just get butt naked!

Play Away The Day ~ For a cheap date idea head into the botanic gardens and grab yourself some easy-to-play outdoor games like Table Tennis and Badminton to play away for hours of competitive fun in the sun. We say game on!